Why has my order been cancelled ?

Could happen for these reasons :

- You placed the same order for the same link before it was completed

- The link you provided was incorrect or you did not follow the instructions in the description

- The service you ordered is being updated in our website

- For some services you did not enter the quantity correctly , for example 100-1000-2000

Why is my order not completed ?

Before open a ticket , check the status of your order on the orders page in your dashboard.

If the order status is indicated complete and you have not received the service, Open a ticket or write us and we will check the order for you.

How often can I request a Refill for my order?

It is possible to request a refill once in 24 hours if your order is still in the Refill period.

-You can find the charging period in the service description.

-If the refill period is not indicated it means that there is no possibility of having it